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Spiritual Bible Interpretation


This website is dedicated to shedding light on the hidden meanings in the Bible by interpreting it allegorically. The Bible is written such that it can be interpreted literally and/or spiritually.  Therefore, a two-fold or double meaning method of displaying information is used in the Bible. The literal meaning or story line is read plainly, but there are other possibly more important messages to be understood. 

Bible stories and letters can be read and understood somewhat literally, but the literal words in the Bible that are tangible can also be used to help us understand something that is not tangible. The story is used as an analogy which can be used to direct our minds to understand something that can't be seen or heard or touched, and can't be plainly explained otherwise. . 

The the allegorical manner of Bible interpretation unlocks what ancient scriptures truly mean.  

One reason the Bible may have been written in this hidden double meaning fashion was to protect it from being destroyed or to protect the author due to the simple controversial nature of unorthodox teachings (i.e. " the world doesn't like the truth").  Maybe this was just the way ancient people liked to portray holy information.  Maybe humans have ALWAYS liked to make art including tremendous works of literature, stories, myths, movies, plays, etc. that are not intended to be read as history but beneath these stories is another message that can be felt and understood.  Maybe it is just because the deep truths of the Spirit can only be portrayed via dark myths by and to the human psyche in this world.  Or maybe humans are just so complex and connected to "God" that they do not even consciously know what they are really displaying with their works of art. But these are just speculations.